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I am sorry for being a little MIA the past few weeks.  I am sure you were expecting awesome photos from maybe South Africa or Ireland, instead I have been spending my time packing.  That's right, packing.  I am moving from my little island to the big city. I am a bit nervous for this change, but excited for the opportunity to live in a high-rise overlooking the ocean and beautiful city skyline. I am hoping it will just be like the TV show Friends, where I stop by different friend's floors and invite myself into their apartments to hangout over coffee ;)

However, I am going to miss island life.  My departure will be bittersweet, as I leave the little space I spent the last four years.  The same place I began my Miami adventure and where over 100 amazing friends and family have visited.

Things I will miss the most:
  • I will miss the mailman knocking on my door to hand me a package he knew I was waiting for, passing by to tell me I have a special letter from "home" waiting for me in the mailbox, and just chatting about the latest news.
  • I will miss the Fedex driver pulling his truck over to say a quick "hello" as  he sees me walking down the street, exchanging prayer topics, and talking about how his son is doing in Iraq.
  • I will miss how the Post Office man knows me by name, and always gives me free tape as he gave up negotiating with me years ago. I will miss how he asks how work is going, truly cares that all my packages arrive to their destination safely, lets me pay the next day when I forget my cash, and allows me to take all the extra Restoration Hardware books from his shop.
  • I will miss long-boarding to the grocery store down a palm tree lined street, especially during sunset.
  • I will miss hearing live Spanish music flowing from the little cafe's and restaurants that line our tiny strip of stores, and watching families walk through our little island park
  • I will miss my one block commute to the private beach and knowing I have a quiet place to go 
  • I will miss crossing the most beautiful bridge to get on or off the island, where sailboats and the city skyline greeted me daily. 
  • I will miss my local Starbucks, where the barrister's would yell from behind the counter, "You are late for work," if I arrived to Starbucks after 9 am.
  • I will miss how the popular mode of transportation around the island is by golf cart, and nothing is perceived as strange when you are "speeding" 14 miles per hour down back roads and over speed bumps, heading to work. #normal #islandlife
  • And I just might miss how everyone assumes my first language is Spanish, though I could not look more Irish. 
I will miss many things about Key Biscayne and the amazing life this little island provided me. So many adventures have been had here, so many friends and family have visited, so many beautiful memories have been created from friendships, to work experiences, beach-time, KB national park trips, activites, photo shots, etc.  I feel blessed to have called this little island my home for 4 years. Now I am off to the big city to see what "condo living" is all about -- and try and figure out  how I can re-create the TV show Friends in real life. I pity my new neighbors, as they are about to discover my enthusiasm for community life and actives. 

P.S. I will be posting a few photos from my house tour next week.
P.P.S I will be posting South Africa photos after the tour, truly I will! 
P.P.P.S  Who thinks I should purchase a moped to fully embrace city life :)

XO always,

Image: Lovely Lindsey 
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Jenna Condon :

awh im sorry, but i hope you enjoy the big city :)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg :

So bittersweet for you my friend - special memories to treasure and take with you and an exciting adventure ahead... x

Caley-Jade Rosenberg :

So bittersweet for you my friend - special memories to treasure and take with you and an exciting adventure ahead... x

Caley-Jade Rosenberg :

So bittersweet for you my friend - special memories to treasure and take with you and an exciting adventure ahead... x

Denise Lopatka :

oh my word! where are you moving?!?! oh we MUST make time for a skype date please?!?!

ps i featured your MBS chart on my bloggy today!

love you sweet friend!

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