While I am away at a work conference, I thought it would be a great time to start the home tour.  We will begin with showcasing my beautiful princess bed.  And thank you for asking, it was indeed handmade and designed by my talented friend and myself. It all started with a little photo I found on Pinterest, an amazing friend who knows a thing or two about building, and many hours constructing this beauty.

I won't lie, my creation of this bed really consisted in just the design, walking into Home Depot and handing beers to my friend while he did the rest.  So three cheers to great friends, awesome handmade princess beds and inspirational .

P.S. Have you made any of your furniture?
P.P.S - Prints are by the lovely Stephanie Sterjovski and Lara Casey.

XO always,
- Live simply - intentionally - gratefully - joyfully -

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Kristina :

Wow Sheila, your bedroom is beautiful! And that bed is just simply amazing. I can't believe you designed it yourself and then your friend made it. So proud of you! I am also a big fan of an all white bedding and have a pretty similar one in my apartment. Always feels like sleeping in the clouds ;-)
Is this already photographed in your new apartment or still in the old house?

Throughmyblueshoes Blog :

Hi! I really like your blog so much so that I’ve nominated you for The Liebster award! There’s more information on my blog
This comments is just for you so you don't have to publish it,I love your pictures- what camera do you use?

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