Welcome to the FailteHouse! Where intentional living is passionately pursued through the lens of simplicity, authenticity, gratitude, and joy. And a place where my passion for photography and new found appreciation for design & decor meet, and hopefully help others see things in new ways. That's it really...

Belief: Simple is beautiful. Small things are the best things. Life should not only be captured, but lived fully. Goals are necessary for growth. Love does. Kindness always. Community is necessary. Gratitude is the key to joy and His grace is beautiful.

Philosophy: I have divided the blog up into a few categories based on my Body.Mind.Soul philosophy, which I live by! I believe each area of your life needs to be enriched, in order to truly become the best version of yourself and live an intentional life, a life of purpose. A life where dreams, reality, goals, and action mix to help you DREAM AWAKE.

Warning: I post sporadically, but authentically. If you want to be a true gem then feel free to stalk away on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

With a grateful heart
XOXO always,

 Sheila Sheridan

{PS - Failte is an Irish world meaning "Welcome" and pronounced "Falsha"} ;)

{PPS - Significance behind all the arrows: An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward with much effort, in hopes of launching it in the direction of your target. The arrow is my little reminder that in order to grow, learn, and reach my dreams and goals, much effort and work is needed before anything can be achieved. :)

{PPPS - This little blog is called The FailteHouse as my home is always open for friends and family to visit, where they can get a taste of island life mixed with turquoise water, sunshine and, of course, activities! Our first year we had 100 loved ones visit!}

 - live simply - intentionally - gratefully - joyfully -


Esther Ann :

This space is very beautifully, i found you through hope engaged and love the themes you focus on.

I have a real passion to work with women who have not yet realised how precious they are and how much worth they have. So many of your posts are about equipping us to realise that we were made purposefully and because of that we are precious, therefore should live in this knowledge. I hope to be able to communicate so many of your posts to the ladies i work with.

So, thanks for the inspiration and refreshing perspective. (and gorgeous photography!!)

Esther x

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