The Choose Joy Challenge

To find ways to use our personal gifts and talents to bring JOY to others, while remembering that JOY is a choice with each situation we face.

How it Came About:
A co-worker and I were challenging ourselves to find time to give back. With little time to volunteer with an organization, we settled on finding ways to use our innate gifts to spread joy to others. We realized that we are all blessed with unique talents, and that if we all strive to use them for the good of others, it could yield endless blessings.

I am a lover of crafts and activites. I began making headbands and accessories earlier this year with the idea to start an online shop. One evening while making headbands, I watched the movie Letters to God. It was about a small boy who was suffering from cancer and who learned to look at his life as a blessing. In short, he chose JOY. As I was making these headbands that I intended to sell, it clicked that JOY was in my hands, and that my flair for crafts was one way to take on what would become the Choose Joy Challenge.

The Challenge:
We all don’t have to be missionaries or presidents to make a difference. Discover the gifts and talents you already carry and use them in ways to bring light and joy to others. JOY is a choice. Live it and spread it.

(Special thanks to Luisana Suegart and Marcela Nava)

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